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    Four easy steps to get started:

    1. Choose the suitable Raspberry Pi for your situation
    2. Prepare or purchase the micro SD card
    3. Power up and connect the tag to your network
    4. Register with MyInternetAlert


    1. I want to monitor my internet connectivity and I'm comfortable with using WPS 1. I want to monitor my internet connectivity and speed (available in '22) or I'm concerned about the security of WPS
    2. Raspberry Pi Zero-W
    Small, one wire
    2. Raspberry Pi 4B
    Larger, two wires
    3. Power Supply 3. Power Supply
    4. Use WPS button on router 4. Use ethernet cable (available at many stores)


    Purchase one pre-programmed micro SD card (available here).

    Program a microSD card yourself by downloading the disk image here and follow these instructions to write it to your micro SD card.


    RaspberryPi Zero-W
    RaspberryPi 3 or 4
     1. Insert the micro SD card 1. Insert the micro SD card
     2. Connect power 2. Connect power
     3. Wait 2 minutes until it starts blinking quickly, then press the 'WPS' button on your router. It will connect in less than 30 seconds. 3. No waiting, it's ready to go!
     4. Go to MyInternetAlert.com and click on 'Signup' at the top (you'll need to turn off your VPN if you have one for this step). Enter your address (assuming you want your location to show up on the map indicating that your internet is up or down) and you'll be in the system. An email is optional in case we need to contact folks during our beta testing phase and a phone number is only needed if you want text alerts with your subscription.