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    MapYour location will be identified with a dot indicating up/down status of your internet connection.
    Current IPYour current IP address will be shown. This is the same value you might obtain from 'whatismyip.com'
    Outage Text AlertsA text message will be sent to your phone when internet availability changes
    Outage HistoryA list of internet availability outage date/time and duration. Useful when you are negotiating subscription renewal prices
    IP Change HistoryA list of your assigned (external WAN) IP address by date/time.
    WifiChannel Advice**Available in 2022*
    Will show local wifi channels being used and advise alternate (reduced congestion) channel as needed
    Speed Test**Available in 2022*
    Will regularly test upload / download speed and provide statistics by hour and day. Know when your neighborhood network is congested or ready for gaming