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    Monitoring your internet connection  24/7
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    MyInternetAlert.com is a new service that will send you a text alert internet connectivity. Knowing when you lose connectivity enables you to spend your time wisely and know the problem is your provider rather than you. The landing page is a map of all participating users and their connectivity status. As more users join, ISP reliability data analytics will be made available.

    How it works

    MyInternetAlert uses a client on your computer which keeps a connection with the MyInterNetAlert cloud server. When that connection goes quiet, you'll be alerted.

    If you're interested in monitoring your internet connection, Click here, to get started.


    We take privacy seriously and protect it as carefully as you do. While others say they don't sell your data, we do our best to collect as little PID data as possible. We publish alerts to you about your connectivity status and make aggregate ISP reliability data available on the website.
    The Free tier needs only a street address to show your status on the map. We randomize locations of all addresses slightly so your exact location will not be identified on the map.
    A phone number is needed if you subscribe to text alerts.
    An email is requested (but not required) in case we need to inform you of system maintenance or other important issues.
    There is currently no need for a username or password. User authentication is based on your external IP address identified when your tag registers with MyInternetAlert. This means your device needs to be on the network to make any account changes.